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SAG Awards 2022: Live Stream, Start Time, Red Carpet, TV Channel

28th Screen Actors Guild Awards will take place on February 27, 2022. Watch SAG Awards 2022 Live Stream Free broadcast on both TBS and TNT Tv Channel Online. SAG Awards 2022 is one of the most popular shows anticipated by movie fans around the world.

If you are one of them, then you will want to know how to watch SAG Awards 2022 live online from anywhere. Whether you are ditching your cable or not, it does not matter.

We will share with you the step-by-step information that you could consider to choose the option to catch up with the tremendous event.

28th Screen Actors Guild Awards Live Stream Free:

DateFebruary 27, 2022
LocationBarker Hangar, Santa Monica, California
Start Time8:00 p.m. EST / 5:00 p.m. PST
TV NetworkTNT and TBS
Live StreamWatch for Free
Presented bySAG-AFTRA
Most nominationsTed Lasso (5)

Where and when is the SAG Awards 2022?

Folks also call the SAG Awards 2022 the 28th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards. The event focuses on honoring the top achievements in film and TV performances during the 2021 year. So, it is safe to assume that December 2020 is the wrap-up of the recognition and assessment in the film and TV industry. But this year SAG Awards Eligibility Period: March 1, 2021 – December 31, 2021.

The event will happen on February 27, 2022, at the Barker Hangar, Santa Monica, California. The TNT and TBS will officially broadcast SAG Awards 2022 live from the venue. The good news is that we shouldn’t be curious anymore about the nominees of the awards since the officials have announced the list back then on February 4.

What channel is the SAG Awards 2022?

As mentioned, the TNT and TBS will broadcast the event. So, you can’t go wrong when tuning in these respective channels in the designated day.

sag awards live online

United States

The US viewers can’t go wrong when tuning in TNT or TBS since both of them are the official channels for the US viewers. TNT – Turner Network Television is an American multi-channel TV network. Meanwhile, TBS is also an American multi-channel owned by the same firm, Turner Broadcasting System, the subsidiary of AT&T company.

United Kingdom

TBS and TNT have worked with the International provider to spread their wings to other countries, including the United Kingdom. There will be more options to consider to catch up with the event. We will explain these later.


The good chance is that your local TV provider would add the TBS or TNT in your subscription plan. But if you can’t find the channels through your cable or satellite, you might want to check on media streaming services like Hulu, Sling TV, etc.


TNT and TBS have been around for the Canada viewers for years. But still, there is a possibility that you are experiencing the blackout because of the licensing issues. Not all regions or areas in Canada can use the TNT or TBS. To make sure, you could contact your local provider. Or, you could take media streaming service as the right option.


Australian viewers can either tune in TBS or TNT to watch SAG Awards 2022 online stream. But if you are experiencing a blackout for some reason, you could use the media streaming services instead. There are many decent media streaming services that you can try. Consider taking the best one to get the most out of the experience.

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SAG Awards 2022 Start time

The SAG Awards 2022 will start at 9:00 PM EST or 6:00 PM PST. You could watch the SAG Awards live at TNT or TBS at the same designated time. They will broadcast the show live from the venue.

How to watch SAG Awards 2022 Live Online?

sag awards 2021 live

For those who have cut the cords, watching SAG Awards 2022 live streaming seems to be the best option possible for you. Online streaming requires a decent and reliable internet connection. If you don’t have a high-speed internet connection, it might be hard to buffer the HD quality video. If your current internet plan is not fast enough, consider upgrading your subscription.

Now, for the device. Most media streaming services do not limit viewers from the equipment they carry around. By using those services, you will have the freedom to watch SAG Awards 2022 online from your PC, Laptop, Smartphone, Tablet, or TV boxes.

SAG Awards 2022 Live Stream Official Channel

The nominees have been available. Now, the date is around the corner. You can rest assured that you will follow the event from the beginning to the end from the live streaming official channels.

The ceremony will happen on TNT and TBS. So, you need to hover your mouse to the official live streaming sites of the channel to watch the SAG Awards live stream 2022. You can find the official live streaming channels on the websites of SAG, TNT, and truTV.

Also, it is also appropriate to check on the TNT Facebook page, Twitter Page, and Youtube Channel. Chances are you will find the show live-streamed by the officials. The next thing you know is that the host of the show will announce the nominees and the winners of the categories led in the upcoming SAG Awards. So, don’t miss the opportunity to embrace the winners of the SAG Awards 2022.

2022 SAG Awards live without Cable

There is no dead-end for the cord cutters and cable ditchers. The good thing is that you can use your decent internet connection and a compatible device to watch SAG Awards 2022 from the media streaming service you choose.

DirecTV Now

DirecTV Now has been around for a while. It is popular amongst the cord cutters as well as the regular users. By far, we have only seen the satisfying feedbacks coming from the previous clients of the media streaming service. AT&T is the one responsible for this fantastic service. It costs you $35 per month to enjoy the important channels on earth, including the TNT and TBS. In total, you will enjoy 60+ channels from this particular service. The considerable advantage of this official service is that there will be no pop-up ads annoying you when you watch the SAG Awards.

Sling TV

Sling TV is arguably the best streaming option at an affordable level. Many budget-conscious people would like to recommend this media streaming service because of its excellent quality of streaming despite the low price. The package only costs you $25, and you will have the privilege to enjoy all the 50+ major channels, including TNT and TBS. But keep in mind that Sling TV may offer the TNT and TBS coverages in specific select markets. That means you might experience a blackout in your area. To be sure, you could check the Sling TV official homepage and see whether your location is within its select markets or not.


For those who haven’t known, SAG Awards 2022 is going to be a two-hour event. That duration fact alone is the sensible reason why Netflix would want to cover it. Keep in mind that the two-hour duration includes the interviews and red carpet as well. Netflix only costs you $15 per month for enjoying most major channels on earth, including the coverage of SAG Awards 2019.

With the Netflix option, you will no longer need to purchase the tickets or your expensive cable subscription anymore. You will be able to watch SAG Awards 2022 without any hassle. Netflix is compatible with the smartphone, tablet, iPhone, and other compatible devices. Consider checking its official page to know furthermore about the tools.

Way to Watch SAG Awards Live Stream Free Online

It is now easier to watch SAG Awards 2022 live stream free. The good thing about the media streaming services that we mentioned above is that most of them offer a free trial program for new users. If you have just registered for a new facility, then you will have the opportunity to enjoy the service for free. For instance, Sling TV offers a 7-day free trial. YouTube TV offers a 5-day free trial. The other media streaming services also provide a free trial. If you register at the right time, you will have the opportunity to watch SAG Awards live stream free. Consider taking their free trial programs to enjoy the show without paying a single dime.

List of SAG Awards Streaming Apps

With the significant increase in the mobility of internet users, it is very sensible that many people want to enjoy their favorite show right through their favorite mobile devices. The great thing about this fact is that you can use mobile apps to watch SAG Awards 2022 online while on the go.

Livestream App

The Livestream app is one of the most prominent apps on the internet. Livestream App is popular because it can be the one-stop solution for all the cord-cutters and cable ditchers. It is not exaggerating to say that Livestream App is the renowned free app that you can find. The live coverage of the events worldwide has been its familiar traits. People from around the world are going to use Livestream App to watch 2022 SAG Awards live as well.

It is easy and straightforward to use the live streaming application. You need to download it to your mobile device and install it. Then you will need to create a Livestream App account by using your Facebook or email. After the account creation finishes, you need to use the search bar and type the right keyword such as “SAG Awards 2022”. in seconds, the live streaming link for the event will pop up in the search result page. You need to click the link and watch SAG Awards live stream 2022 immediately. Easy, isn’t it?

Ustream App

UStream App has been popular amongst the Asian users. But its enthusiasts have been spread around the world. It is a free app in which you can download on your mobile device. But the free membership limits you from enjoying some advanced feature. The subscription fee is $99 per year. Although it is a paid service, you will have the freedom to enjoy all of the advantages the app offers. Even better, you can integrate with other users online like your friends and family.

YouTube Live

YouTube has been one of the most significant platforms of live streaming. There’s a chance the officials will put the content in the YouTube Live app. If you already have YouTube App on your smartphone or tablet, you are golden. The app will give you the convenience to watch SAG Awards 2022 from anywhere in the world. But just like other events, the streaming in YouTube might be delayed for few minutes. As long as you keep yourself away from spoilers, you will be fine.

Streamshark App

The StreamShark App is also one of the top apps that you can use to watch SAG Awards 2022 Channel. It is also one of the most renowned and oldest apps in the world. The service itself has been around for two decades. It has such beautiful features that all the users will enjoy. There is also a 360-degree view player. By using this app, you will watch the SAG Awards like you are really in the venue. The features allow the users to access all of the cameras in the place. Imagine how many angles that you can enjoy.

The cheapest way to watch the SAG Awards 2022

When we talk about the media streaming service, Sling TV is by far the cheapest option available. You can get the TNT or TBS for only $25/month with Sling Orange, including the other major channels to enjoy. Or, you could choose the Sling Blue subscription for $25/month. The difference is that you will be able to stream on three devices at once, in case not all folks want to watch SAG Awards 2022. But with the Sling Blue, you will exclude the ESPN and other Disney Network channels. Adding more $5, you will get the DVR service.

If your only concerned about the SAG Awards 2022, Netflix can be the best choice. The two-hour event will only cost you $15 per month. But keep in mind that with that amount of bucks, you will be able to enjoy the Netflix original shows, and other TV shows or contents as well. There are numerous other channels that you can enjoy on Netflix.
The options we mentioned above are the cheapest ones. You will have the freedom to pick which one for you.

How To Stream SAG Awards On Your iPhone Or iPad

Netflix will capture the two-hour event of SAG Awards 2022. So, it is sensible to download the Netflix app to your iPhone or iPad. The significant event coverage includes the red carpet and interviews of the celebrities. With the small subscription fees, you will be able to watch SAG Awards 2022 right from your own iPhone or iPad. Catch up with the SAG Awards through this provider.

SAG Awards 2022 Red Carpet Live Stream: How to Watch

SAG Awards is the most awaited event. However, the festivity even starts from the Red Carpet moment. As mentioned the two TV Networks, TBS and TNT will officially broadcast the 2022 SAG Awards, which will include the Red Carpet moments as well.

So, you won’t need to worry about looking for something else since the respective channels have taken the coverage. To get access to both networks, you will need to create an account and pay for the subscription fee. Of course, it is so sensible.

You will want to have a decent and stable internet connection to catch up with the red carpet moments. Consider picking the media streaming services which are suitable for your preferences, and you will be great.

SAG Awards Live On Social Media

Social media holds a vital role to help the SAG Awards officials engage with online users. For those who have been using the social media platforms for a while, major events like SAG Awards 2022 will easily flash through your feed page. The great thing here is that the officials will also provide the live streaming service through these social media pages. Here are the sites that you can visit later when SAG Awards happens.

Who does not have Facebook? We think that every modern person has at least a Facebook account. The Facebook official page of SAG Awards 2022 will set the social media live streaming with the Facebook Live feature. But you must anticipate the delay of the live streaming. It happens all the time because the officials want to differ between the free and paid service.

If Facebook has Facebook Live, Twitter has its own named Periscope. It is an affiliate platform which is prevalent for the Twitter fans around the world. If you are not up to the media streaming services options above, then you could use Periscope. If you are a regular user of Twitter, you will love this platform.

How to Watch Screen Actors Guild Awards Live from Anywhere

The coast-to-coast simulcast of SAG Awards 2022 will happen on TNS and TBS. We’ve mentioned that the media streaming services are there to help the cord-cutters. The only downside is that they have a silly geo-restriction policy that will prevent people outside the service area. That means you might experience a blackout when you are not in the right position.

Use VPN to stream SAG Awards

The geo-restriction may prevent you from using the media streaming services to watch Screen Actors Guild Awards live stream. But it does not mean you are facing the dead-end. On the contrary, you will have a way to bypass this silly rule. You could use the VPN to unblock the restriction.

Presuming you know how the VPN works, all you need to do is to connect with the country server which accepts the media streaming services. For instance, you might want to use your Sling TV to watch Screen Actors Guild Awards live stream. Sling TV is basically for US viewers. Then the thing you need to do is pretty simple. You need to use the VPN to connect with US IP. By then, the services will see you as coming from the respective country.

There are dozens of VPNs available on the internet. Finding one which works can be wasting your time and energy. You will want to focus only on the best providers, for instance, ExpressVPN, PureVPN, Nord VPN, OpenVPN, and many more.

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Using Smart DNS Proxies

The VPN services give you the dynamic IP so when you reconnect to your Live Streaming service using the same credential; you may need to refresh your app or to re-login. But it is no longer a problem if you are using the Smart DNS Proxies. Instead of changing IP, you will get the dedicated IP for you so that you will have a stable connection. But it does not mean VPN is worse. Only, Smart DNS Proxies can be a better option if you have some extra money in your pocket.

Who is Hosting the 2022 SAG Awards?

This year Screen Actors Guild Awards do not have a host.

There you have it! Anyway, Netflix is our top pick if your sole reason is to watch SAG Awards 2022. But if you are also interested in the other premium channels, you could get it the most affordable way by subscribing to Sling TV. Either way, any decision you make will be great since we only shared the best options to watch SAG Awards 2022.