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Sag Awards 2019 – Everything you need to know

Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards 2019 is only three months to go. The timeline has been released and the earliest stage of pre-award starts in three days. The Sag Awards 2019 would be the most anticipated award event in the early of the year 2019. Even though it’s earlier confirmed a month after this year’s ceremony, Sag Awards 2019 seems to have less published progress. It’s actually relieving as the date has been confirmed as well as the timeline.

Sag Awards 2019

The Sag Awards 2019 will celebrate its 25th annual ceremony confirmed on Sunday 27th January 2019. The spectacular ceremony would be live simulcasted on TBS and TNT but more networks would broadcast Sag Awards 2019 even though it’s not confirmed yet. Note the date and ensure that you’ve connected to the networks before the ceremony.

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The quarter of century ceremony would be special and projected to gain more viewers than Sag Awards 2018. The 24th annual Sag award ceremony itself has gained popularity among almost three millions viewers. The networks which live simulcasted the ceremony has gained a big success for broadcasting it in the prime time. The Sag Awards 2019 seems to gain more millions of viewers around the world even though US and UK’s viewers would occupy the higher percentage.

Avalon Harbor Entertainment will produce Sag Awards 2019 ceremony. Along with the franchise, SAG-AFTRA will present the 25th annual ceremony of Sag Awards 2019 just like this year’s ceremony. The format isn’t confirmed yet whether it would be two-hours ceremony shows or even longer with different format considering the silver anniversary of the franchise. The time is also not confirmed yet, but it seems to not go far from this year’s ceremony. However, it’s almost certain that Sag Awards 2019 will be simulcasted live on the prime time.

The Sag Awards 2019 submissions have been closed at 22nd October 2018. The balloting will be opened at this 14th November 2019, so it’s very interesting to get the latest updates about the nominees. By the end of month November, we should be able to see the temporary list of the Sag Awards 2019 nominees.

Since its debut in 1995, SAG awards have recognized talents and film works both on individual actors and productions. This year’s winner “Three Billboards outside Ebbing” has brought trophies for the actress and supporting actors. The film was also a successful nominee in Oscar 2018. It seems that Sag Awards 2019 would slightly get closer to Oscar projection “defeating” the Golden Globes and Academy Award since it steals the starting point in the early year 2019.

The Sag Awards 2019 would be very anticipated as the earliest award event among other franchises. The Golden Globes even don’t confirm the date yet while Academy Award is set to date on 24th February 2019. The submissions have been closed and the closest progress is the nominee balloting and the publicists credential applications. Want to know who are the publicists and the list of nominations? Stay tuned for more Sag Awards 2019 updates.