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Yellowstone Actor Won’t Attend SAG Awards due to COVID Rules

Forrie J. Smith will be unable to attend the next Screen Actors Guild Awards due to the COVID-19 vaccination rules.

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This year’s nominees for outstanding ensemble cast are Squid Game, The Morning Show, Squid, and The Handmaid’s Tale. After four seasons on the air, Yellowstone” received its first big award nomination. Smith announced he would not attend the SAG Awards later this month due to his anti-vaccine stance.

Kevin Costner, Hugh Dillon, Luke Grimes, and Hugh Dillon have all been nominated for SAG Awards for their parts in “Yellowstone,” as have Jennifer Landon, Finn Little, and Brecken Merrill, as well as Piper Perabo, Denim Richards, Taylor Sheridan, and Jefferson White.

Smith portrays Lloyd Pierce, a senior ranch hand, in Yellowstone. He appeared as a guest star for the first two seasons before getting appointed as a series regular in Season 3. Smith received the most presents during Season 4.

They will be announced on February 27th.

Forrie J. Smith will be unable to attend the Screen Actors Guild Awards this year due to COVID restrictions requiring all guests to present proof of immunization.

His reluctance to receive a COVID immunization was shown in an Instagram video that has since been deleted, Variety reports.

Statt asserts “I am not vaccinated and will never be. I never had a vaccination as a child. Neither my dogs nor my horses are vaccinated. There are none available at the moment. I will never do that in a million years. They may jeopardize your health… The views stated here are entirely mine. To my mind, this is implausible. Whatever.”

This is the show’s first nomination for a SAG Award for outstanding ensemble performance in a drama series in its four-year run. Succession and The Handmaid’s Tale are also included in this category.

Jen Landon, Finn Little, Brecken Merrill, Will Patton, Piper Perabo, Kelly Reilly, Denim Richards, Taylor Sheridan, and Jefferson White have all been nominated as members of the Yellowstone ensemble.

The SAG Awards need a negative lab-based COVID-19 PCR test within 48 hours before the event, as well as a negative antigen (rapid) test on the day of the event.

The SAG Awards will take place at the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica on Feb. 27. (CNN)s”Yellowstone” star has stated that he would be unable to attend the SAG Awards owing to the event’s Covid-19 vaccination restrictions.

Forrie J. Smith, the show’s ranch hand Lloyd Pierce, shared a video on Instagram that was quickly removed but widely spread. Smith expressed regret in the video for missing the awards ceremony.

CNN viewed the film after it was wiped before it was removed. All ticket holders must present proof of vaccination, including booster doses, a negative lab-based Covid-19 PCR test 48 hours prior to the event, and a negative antigen (rapid) test on the day of the event.

Smith expressed gratitude for the opportunity to “show my culture and background” on the red carpet.

We have reached out to Paramount for comment.

On February 27, at 8 p.m. ET, TNT and TBS will broadcast the SAG Awards live. TBT and TBS are owned by WarnerMedia, which also owns CNN.