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How to Watch the 2019 SAG Awards Online

If you have been the fans of the actors and actresses, SAG Awards 2019 is one of the shows that you don’t want to miss to watch. The upcoming 25th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards will happen on January 27, 2019.

watch 2019 SAG Awards Online

If you are planning to watch t right from your TV, be sure to tune in TBS or TNT to attend the SAG Awards 2019. If you are the subscribers of the TBS and TNT, there will be more options to consider to catch up with the event. You can even watch the SAG Awards live through the networks’ sites, mobile apps which are available on both iOS and Android, as well as media streaming boxes like Roku, Hulu with Live TV, Apple TV, as well as Amazon Fire. If you are the subscriber of the satellite or cable, your best option will be the decent media streaming service like Hulu with Live TV plan.

The SAG Awards sets for 2019 Sunday Date. However, this big event won’t be competing with the NFL Championship game. We know that both events are high-profile that can stop the world. At this point, you have the liberty to choose what kind of spectacle that you want to enjoy. After all, the SAG will note the upcoming year as their 25th anniversary. It is too big to be missed. It would help if you were around when the event happens.

The good thing here is that the upcoming SAG 2019 will not clash with the pro football championships contents in any media you are using. We can rest assured to enjoy the SAG coverage on Sunday, January 27, 2019, without any distraction from the Super Bowl fans. Meanwhile, the Super Bowl will happen on Sunday, February 3, 2019. So, there will be enough time to clean your Twitter or Facebook feeds. The Pro Bowl (all-star game) happens on January 27. However, you don’t need to worry. The game starts at noon. So, it won’t clash with the SAG evening event in Hollywood.

We know that the time has been passing by fast. Without realizing it, we are closer to the end of the year. Moreover, then a month later, we will celebrate the most outstanding film and TV performances in the 25th SAG show. It is a high-profile event that you don’t want to miss watching. The exceptional event will give the best men and women with the prestigious statuettes.

Avalon Harbor Entertainment is the producer of the show. Time Warner owns both TNT and TBS Networks. So, it would help if you didn’t have any problem when picking the live streaming option for you.

However, if you are not the subscriber of the TV cable or satellites, you could use media streaming services which provide the respective channels. There is some top of the media streaming services that you’d like to check including the Sling TV, DirecTV Now, Fubo TV, Hulu Live TV, Sony PS Vue, and more.

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